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Root - X

Have you had, Tree root problem's ?

We can apply Root-x, along with a mechanical cleaning can keep your sewer flowing up to a year, Guaranteed.





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Well as most of our customers know we are smaller than many of the plumbing companies in Utah, but it also gives you the customer a much better competitive price, better products, and we have much less overhead.  As you know many bigger plumbing companies advertise many specials and coupons, the fact is ;  most consumers who fall for the low price ads pay allot more in the short and long run, than loyal customers who use our company for the long run.  Our techs can work with pricing and our customers one on one, and we are honest to the end.  We will tell you when something needs to be replaced, when it can or can't be fixed, you deserve an honest option.


All of our Tech's have over 15years experience in our company and more than 25 years in related fields, we cover the entire valley.  Over 85 % of our customers heard about us thru personal referrals & friends & family. And only 15% from our lower advertising budget.. 





Position's Available: None

Description: General plumbing, Drain Cleaning, (Contact with waste)

Requirements:  Utah Journeyman license or related license in other fields may be considered


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