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Root - X

Have you had, Tree root problem's ?

We can apply Root-x, along with a mechanical cleaning can keep your sewer flowing up to a year, Guaranteed.





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  1. BIO LINE™ has a scientific researched formula that digests organic wastes naturally and effectively. Bacterial cultures are selected for optimum enzyme production assuring efficient breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates, cellulose, urea and fats.
  2. BIO LINE™ cultures rapidly digest odor causing organic wastes. Odors aren't just covered up, they are eliminated at the source.
  3. BIO LINE™ uses a spore form of bacteria insuring long term stability and extended shelf life.
  4. Purity and microbial concentration is guaranteed, insuring consistently superior biological products in the hands of the customer.
  • Residential and Commercial Drain line systems
  • Food processing facilities
  • Waste pits, lagoons and storage tanks
  • Septic and holding tanks, leach beds and lift stations
  • Grease Traps and fat separation systems
  • Aquaculture confinements
  • Portable and pit toilets, boats and RV's
  • Ornamental ponds and fountains


Drain Maintainer      $19.99 1/2 Gallon          $29.99 1 Gallon     5 Gallon, 30 Gallon, 50 Gallon sizes available          Free delivery in salt lake city, Utah  WE DO NOT SHIP OR SERVICE OUTSIDE OF OUR AREA

Specially formulated for drain lines and septic systems. It is an environmentally safe, easy-to-use liquid concentrate which penetrates and digests household grease, soaps and detergents. The biological ingredients will start working within 30 minutes to keep those odors & buildup away. Sold as 1 Gallon Container's & 1/2 Gallon containers.

Urinal Blocks      $7.50 each          Free delivery in salt lake city, Utah

Blues the water with each flush and releases specially formulated product that will keep your urinal and drain lines clean and odor free. Non-toxic, non-corrosive, and safe for all drain lines and septic systems. Good for approximately 1500 flushes.


In-Tank Bowl Cleaner      $7.50 each          Free delivery in salt lake city, Utah

Used in tank toilet, each flush blues the water, cleans the bowl and releases a biological product to keep the tank and toilet bowl clean and odor free. Safe for all drain lines and septic systems. Good for approximately 1500 flushes.  

Bio Line Family

Surface Cleaner & Deodorizer      $19.99 each          Free delivery in salt lake city, Utah

This biological product has a very clean fragrance at the same time a very tough grease cutter. The grease cutting part of the product will go to work immediately while the biological part of the product will continue to work to completely absorb the fats, oil and grease long after it is used.


Grease Trap Blocks      $ varies     Depends on size & use,           Free delivery in salt lake city, Utah

Used in institutional/industrial grease traps and floor sinks. Specially formulated bacteria absorbs fats, oil, and grease to prevent odors and eliminate costly grease trap maintenance. Pre order only, we do not stock.


Bio - Line MSDS



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