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Table of Contents

  1. Oders ?
  2. Freezing pipes ?
  3. Tree Roots ?
  4. Drain fly's or small black fly's ?
  5. Septic Tanks ?
  6. Toilet Replacement Tanks ?
  7. Water Heaters ?
  8. Tips ?

Oders ?

Odors come from garbage disposals because of the food buildup that collects and does not get washed out.  Place ice cubes in the disposal and let it run for 30 sec with a squirt or two of dish soap, then run water for a couple of minutes to wash the rest of debris out. 

Odors from Utility rooms and basements – All drains are trapped to keep out the odors that may come thru, always check any floor drains and pour a pitcher of water down each drain every month; this will make sure that the drain is both functional and full of water.  If drain goes down slowly it may need to be cleaned.

Odors from bath Sinks -  Odors from bath sinks also are caused by different problems, buildup and debris in the pipe, vent on the sink, and the pop up assembly, usually the first step would be to clean what you can, if that does not fix the problem you should then call and have it serviced.

Other Odors - Other odors can be caused from many things from vent pipes that are not installed properly or damaged, seals & gaskets, toilets, leaks, fixtures, dry traps, damaged drain lines, other leaks in walls, mold & mildew.   Many smell problems can be costly to search out and fix and some are a very easy fix.  It is best for you to first try and isolate where the smells are coming from before having a tech arrive at your house the more details we have, the faster it can be found.


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Freezing pipes ?

Utah winters are cold what precautions can be taken to stop pipes from freezing.  Remove outside hoses from the faucet; install shut off valves inside the house.  In some cases and mobile homes you should have heat tape installed, and make sure pipes are insulated properly, and if necessary leave the faucets dripping.

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Tree Roots ?

How do roots get in my pipes? – Tree and shrubs roots require oxygen and water to grow and survive, growth rate is variable and is affected by the soil depth, water supply, aeration, minerals and temperature.  Root systems are made of large permanent roots for support and stabilization, then small roots, that are the primary water and nutrient absorbers.  Most roots can be found in the top 6 to 24 inches of soil.  Root systems are generally two to three times the height of the tree, but with older more mature root systems they can extend up six times the height of the tree with thousands of feet of root system looking for nutrients and water.

During drought conditions and in the winter, roots grow more aggressively looking for water at which time they start to follow water in the soil and vapor from small cracks in the sewer pipe and joints in the pipe, which the tree roots start to penetrate those openings and grow into the pipe.

What if the roots get inside the pipe? – If not disturbed the roots will completely fill the pipe with hair like tree roots at the points of entry.  The root masses will quickly become clogged the toilet tissue, grease and other debris flowing down the pipe.  It will first reduce flow and slow down the drain system, as the roots grow larger in the pipe eventually they crack and put pressure on the pipe, over time the roots will completely collapse the pipe.  Once the roots get in the pipe system you can only control and help inhibit the growth of the roots by cleaning and products like root – x, until the pipe needs repair.


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Drain fly's or small black fly's ?

Moth fly larvae live in the moist film that develops on the sides of a drain and in the drain's trap. The presence of numerous adult flies inside a drain is a good sign that the drain is a breeding site.  One way to determine if they are breeding in the drains is to use masking tape over the drain opening.  Leave space between the strips of tape to allow air movement for the flies to follow. If flies are exiting the openings, some of the them will become stuck to the tape. Sometimes, moth flies (drain flies)can come from under slab floors from a drain pipe that has broken. They would breed in the organic debris under the slab.  Adult flies then enter the living space above the slab through cracks in the slab and back through the drain pipe. To determine if they are coming up through the slab, place the masking tape over the crack as described above. If the suspicion is strong enough that moth flies(drain flies)are breeding under a slab, a hole must be broken through the slab to see if indeed a pipe has broken and flies are breeding there. After a hole is broken through the slab, poke around and dig in the soil under the slab. The organic debris and moist soil may actually be several inches under the surface. The presence of fly larvae and/or adults confirms the site as a breeding source.

     For more information see    http://www.doyourownpestcontrol.com/drainflies.htm 


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Septic Tanks ?

Septic tanks should be inspected and pumped out every three to four years, regular maintenance on this type of system can save thousands of dollars later on, and help extend the life of your drain field lines.

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Toilet Replacement Tanks ?

We need to replace a older toilet in our home because of the buildup from minerals in the water, but we have heard horror stories about the new 1.6 gal toilets?  When considering a new toilet there are many good cost effective replacements, as manufacturers had to develop better toilets.

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Water Heaters ?

Sounds coming from a water heater are an indication that sediment has built up on the bottom of the tank – the sounds come from water trapped in the sediment and it is boiling, which means the water heater is not operating efficiently.  If your water heater is older it is usually more cost effective to replace it with a newer more efficient model.  In most cases when you add up the parts and labor to rebuild or repair the old one, it is cheaper to replace it with a new model which will also save you money on your gas bill in the long term.

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Tips ?

Ensure that all drains have strainers in them to prevent hair and debris from clogging the drain.

Check faucets for drips or leaks, make repairs and save big $$$ on your water bill

Make sure toilets flush properly, and are not leaking

Turn the water shut off valves every couple of month's to make sure they aren't leaking, and they actually turn off for emergency.

You can remove the shower head and soak it in vinegar to improve the flow and clean the head.

Pour a pitcher of water in drain that are not used frequently, (Basement floor drains)

Make sure the rain gutters are clear and down spouts are clear of all debris.

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FACTOID: The word “Plumber” comes from the lead pipes used for water; plumbum is lead and plumbarius is lead worker

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