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Have you had, Tree root problem's ?

We can apply Root-x, along with a mechanical cleaning can keep your sewer flowing up to a year, Guaranteed.





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The first step in sewer or water pipe repair, is first making sure the repair is needed, we recommend getting a video inspection for sewer lines, water line are a bit more obvious.  Otherwise you only have the experience of the tech.
Then verify they are licensed, at times this can be confusing as there are many types of licenses. (A state contractor license is what they will need to do this type of repair, you can ask for the license number, and by Utah law they should make it available to you the customer at all times, this will ensure you that they have the proper Insurance, education & experience.  A contractor license number will be 7 digits - 5501. 

A state contractor license is different from a state business license, many plumbing companies say they are licensed but any one can get a standard business license. 

Its your property, your money, know your contractor or it may cost you more later on....

 In most cases a video inspection and location would be needed anyway.  The company you choose needs to pull the proper permits and locate utilities before any job can begin.





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